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W.A.R.L.F is an intergalactic puzzle tower defense with a MIDI Controller for input. You control a satellite around Earth, listening to alien ships approaching the planet. You must decrypt incoming messages to find out if they're friendly enough to allow them to visit Earth. Use the main knob to rotate the satellite around Earth in order to aim at incoming ships. The other knobs are used to decrypt the messages.

The game was made at ISART Digital Montréal during Global Game Jam 2017.

Technology : Unity3D for development. FMOD for sound integration.


All team members are students in Université de Montréal Game Design Program.

Dany Ayoub - Animator
Léandre Leblanc - Sound Designer
Marc-André Duchesne - 2D Artist
Guillaume Duquesne - Programmer
Alexandre Pernot Lopes - Programmer

Install instructions

The game should only be playable using an Arturia Beatstep MIDI Controller, but it may work with other similar devices.

Keyboard/Mouse control is also available.


Wave At Random Lifeforms 29 MB


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unfortnately a korg nanokontrol2 doesn't work. slider #7 can control menu/sattelite but #8-22 don't seem to be mapped on the device. Thanks for showing in a video though!

Very interesting idea! How to contact you about this game by email?

Hi ! Glad you liked it! You can contact me at alexandre at pernotlopes dot io!